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Cara Burton

clayArt Studios' Instructor

Cara is a potter based in Toronto's Junction neighborhood, specializing in functional wheel thrown porcelain and stoneware.


Cara has always admired hand thrown pottery, rarely leaving an art market or gift shop without purchasing a piece of ceramics. When she signed up for her first pottery class, Cara had no idea that pottery would become such an important part of her life. Pottery has provided a creative outlet that she didn't realize she was missing and has helped her develop patience, perseverance and sense of endless curiosity. Since she created her first little trinket bowl in 2018, her cupboards and shelves (and those of her friends and family) have become home to a wide variety of mugs, bowls, casseroles and vases. 

Cara recently started experimenting with different clay and glaze techniques. She especially loves the contrast of bright, colourful, drippy glazes on dark, groggy clay bodies. Cara also loves merging her love of nature with her ceramic work, often using leaves or plants to bring out the raw beauty of the clay. 

Cara looks forward to her first Raku workshop this Fall and is continually looking for opportunities to learn new techniques and develop her skills.

Cara Burton

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