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A starting point for complete beginners.

*for ages 18 & up

The 3 Day Crash Course is designed to teach students the basic techniques of pottery and to teach skills to better their quality of work. The course is not designed to keep every piece produced on the wheel, but to focus on making a few quality pieces that can be used as functional ware. Instructors will advise students on which pieces can be safely fired.

Please be prepared that some pieces will not be able to go through to the next stage. Pieces that are likely to break, explode or not be salvageable will not be fired. The studio will not fire disfigured, non-uniform, or non-functional pottery.

Week 1: Wheel Throwing

Week 2: Trimming/Hand Building Using Molds

Week 3: Glazing

*please note Week 1 & Week 2 are consecutive and Week 3 is held TWO WEEKS after Week 2.

*There are no make up classes so please make sure the course you choose works with your schedule. All courses are non-refundable.

If your chosen course is sold out, please click on the course name and you will be directed to an option to be added to the waitlist.

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