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Helen Song

clayArt Studios' Senior Instructor

Helen is a self taught Toronto-based ceramic artist who grew up between the lush forests of Vancouver and the fast-paced city of Shanghai.


Helen holds an undergraduate degree in Art History from the University of British Columbia, where she gained a deep understanding of the visual arts and art theory. She discovered ceramics in 2016 and immediately felt at home with the medium. She has been attending courses at various studios ever since, and became a member at clayArt Studios in 2022. 


Her current focus is on creating functional objects formed naturally through the synchronized movement of hand and clay. She is interested in experimenting with more diverse forms and imagery inspired by the natural world.

Helen Song

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Helen Song - work 3.jpg
Helen Song - work 4.jpg
Helen Song - work 2.jpg
Helen Song - work 5.jpg
Helen Song - work 1.jpg
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