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We are proud to work with a diverse and talented group of artists whose skills span the full spectrum of all artistic mediums. If you are an artist who is interested in teaching classes please contact us at

artwork of Queenie Xu
artwork of Valentina Guevara
artwork of Annika Hoefs

Queenie Xu

Resident Artist, Senior Instructor, & Lead Studio Technician

Valentina Guevara

Resident Artist, Senior Instructor, & Lead Studio Technician

Annika Hoefs

Senior Instructor

artwork of Lana Rayman

Lana Rayman

Senior Instructor


Mimi He

Senior Instructor


Jenifer Levine

Senior Instructor

artwork of Hatice Erdogan

Hatice Erdogan

Senior Instructor


Zeynep Gulec

Senior Instructor

artwork of Shannon Dang

Shannon Dang

Assistant Technician

artwork of Loubna Lakhmiri

Loubna Lakhmiri

Senior Instructor

artwork of Cara Burton

Cara Burton


artwork of Helen Song

Helen Song

Senior Instructor


Dani Jacobson

Marketing Lead/Instructor

artwork of Sue Chen

Sue Chen

Assistant Technician

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