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Carolanne Bedard-Reid
clayArt Studios' Assistant Technician

Carolanne is an artist based in Toronto, Canada. She began her practice ‘Studio Carolanne’ in March 2019 to explore her interests in ceramic arts. Carolanne is a graduate of OCAD University’s Environmental Design program (2015) and was first introduced to ceramics in the University’s Architectural Ceramics course. She has continued to explore the medium in local studios and in professional practice.


Carolanne’s ceramics are produced in small-scale batches with a focus on clarity of form and simplicity of design. It is her ambition to create timeless objects with lasting aesthetics that are both stand-alone sculptures and functional vessels.

While completing a Supported Residency at Casa Julfa in Montmorillon, France (2022), Carolanne was introduced to ancestral practices of making functional forms using local clay bodies (terracotta and Limoges). She also participated in wood firing and explored finishing techniques that included reduction and materials like fermented wheat and water, milk, and sugar. Since then, Carolanne has been keen to practice these skills including explorations with local clay, natural glazes, and wood firing.

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