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Lana Rayman

clayArt Studios' Senior Instructor

Lana is a Ceramic Artist and Interior Designer living and working in Toronto and has crafted a line of functional, handmade pottery at clayArt Studios.
Her work has been sold at markets around the City and at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

Lana began her ceramic training in high school and continued it though fine arts programs such as Interlochen and University at George Washington.

Her body of work reflects the many influences she has had over the years of her training. The result is a line of functional pieces that are intended for daily use in the kitchen and home. All of Lana's pieces are food safe and dishwasher safe.

Lana's work is wheel thrown porcelain. The forms are spare and balanced. Many of her pieces have a swirly spiral pattern which is achieved by mixing coloured stains with porcelain and then adding the coloured clay to the pure porcelain while it is on the wheel.

Lana loves making pottery. For her, it is a constant source of joy in the process and she loves to share her work with people.

Lana Rayman

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